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Bentley from the great freedom


BH, RH1 FL, RH2 FL A, RH2 Tr A, RH2 FL B

2019 DVG Vice Federal Winner Area

Bentley is the son of Bugatti vom Scheidgraben (BH, IGP 3, RH FL / TR, World Champion FL) & Auzzy Ostraryka (BH, IGP 3, FMBB Vice World Champion, FMBB Trize World Champion) and comes from my kennel. He is available to other bitches as a breedable stud dog.

At 18 months he was tested for area and rubble. His passion is the search for rubble. He mastered his first major event as the youngest participant in the 1st DVG Bundessiegerprüfung at the age of less than 2.5 years and took 2nd place in the area search.

Education & Achievements

Start of training from puppy age


Andrea lives with her family and her three Malinois on a small farm in northern Germany.

From childhood, her passion belongs to her four-legged friends and dog training. Her heart beats for protective dog sport as well as for rescue dog work and has been actively practiced by her for over 20 years.

She has been holding rescue dog seminars across Germany since 2009 and passes on her training and operational experience to interested teams and sports enthusiasts.



picture gallery

Bentley's training path from 07/2017

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