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animal physiotherapy

for horse and dog

The lecturer completed the training as an animal physiotherapist and, in addition to her own dogs, also treats animal patients who are introduced to her.

Physiotherapy is a modern form of physiotherapy and is used to restore mobility, relieve pain, build up muscles and optimize healing processes.

Additional training

Further training:

  • Certified sports dog therapist (01/2020)

  • Osteopathy dog (start 01/2022)

Advanced training:

  • Physiotherapeutic propaedeutics and lameness diagnostics (10/2019)

  • Dorn therapy & Breuss massage for dogs (03/2019)

  • Modern medical acupuncture (07/2020)



Built in 1981 in the north

Andrea lives with her family and her three Malinois on a small farm in northern Germany.

From childhood, her passion belongs to her four-legged friends and dog training. Her heart beats for protective dog sport as well as for rescue dog work and has been actively practiced by her for over 20 years.

She has been holding rescue dog seminars across Germany since 2009 and passes on her training and operational experience to interested teams and sports enthusiasts.



The price of success is dedication, hard work, and relentless dedication to what you want to achieve.

Frank Lloyd Wright



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