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Ariba from the great freedom



Ariba is a daughter of the famous " Frisbee vom rote Merlin " and comes from the first litter from Andrea's breed "von der Große Freiheit". The idea of offspring was the incentive for Andrea to strive for her own breeding. But in the spring of 2012, Andrea had to give up the dream of leading a bitch that was just as successful as her mother, Frisbee.

While two sisters from the litter were used very successfully as rescue dogs, even became German champions in area search and competed at the world championships, Indira's career as a rescue dog ended at the age of two because she was called deep down to do another job.

Indira was already very special as a puppy and could not evade moving stimuli. In such situations, their actions were uncontrolled and characterized by "grabbing and shaking"! She wasn't a bad dog, but found it very difficult to control herself to resist the situation.

Special training in impulse control helped her not to jump over tables and benches in everyday life when the vacuum cleaner, feather duster, broom, floor cloth, etc. was being swung around. However, her weakness for small children remained, and she would have happily punched herself in the face if she had been given the chance. On the day when Andrea's nephew at the age of 4 attacked with a basket and the sister who intervened to help, the time of delivery was sealed.  

Getting her into the police force was the only way to pursue her calling...


Built in 1981 in the north


Andrea lives with her family and her three Malinois on a small farm in northern Germany.

From childhood, her passion belongs to her four-legged friends and dog training. Her heart beats for protective dog sport as well as for rescue dog work and has been actively practiced by her for over 20 years.

She has been holding rescue dog seminars across Germany since 2009 and passes on her training and operational experience to interested teams and sports enthusiasts.



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Ariba's training path from 03/2012

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