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Red Merlin Frisbee

*01/10/2005 - 12/15/2017

BH, AD, VPG 3, RH1 F, BRH FL A and B, BRH Tr A and B, IRO FL B, BRH international squad

IRO world champion area,
5th place IRO World Championship surface
FCI World Team Championship Pl. 2 & 3
4x German Champion in the area
German Vice Champion in the area
8th place German championship area

Pl.1 RH1 F state championship SV LG 01

Frisbee is and will remain a very special dog, who will remain omnipresent even after her death. A dog you only meet once in a lifetime and the teacher owes her a lot. Without her, Andrea would not be where she is today in training. "Frisbee" contributes a significant part to personal success in sport and the seminars that have been held since 2009.


A bitch who made a name for herself at the championships and was known beyond the borders for her achievements.

Frisbee was also dual trained as a sporting protection dog and rescue dog. She is the mother of the A-litter "von der Große Freiheit", whose offspring can be seen as a sports dog IPO, rescue dog, obedience and service dog.

Education & Achievements

Start of training from puppy age


Andrea lives with her family and her three Malinois on a small farm in northern Germany.

From childhood, her passion belongs to her four-legged friends and dog training. Her heart beats for protective dog sport as well as for rescue dog work and has been actively practiced by her for over 20 years.

She has been holding rescue dog seminars across Germany since 2009 and passes on her training and operational experience to interested teams and sports enthusiasts.



picture gallery

Frisbee's training from 03/2005

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