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Former companions


Bo from the Koschis



2011 National Group Cup 5th place
2011 national group elimination 9th place
2010 Schäferslaget VPG I Pl.1

Bo was the first trained German shepherd to be led by Andrea at various events in the Schutzhund sport. With her she took part in different national group eliminations, cup fights etc.

Bo was a small, nimble and friendly bitch who, on protection duty, went through the attack with powerful steps. Unfortunately, one day in her life, the long walk was her undoing and several vertebrae blocked in the spine. The end of her career at the age of 6 made you think.

Bo and Frisbee were best friends and enjoyed retirement together. They both crossed the rainbow bridge in the same year and will certainly have found each other again there and romp across the meadows together.

Amon from the Boxer room



First sports dog and teacher

You don't always get the dog you want, you get the one you need.


In this case it was the boxer "Amon" who stumbled into the life of the lecturer and mastered the first steps in dog sport with her on the boxer course in Elmshorn. It was originally planned to train him in the Schutzhund sport. But due to physical limitations (extreme narrowing of the nose) and lack of motivation, the goals were realigned.

Andrea passed her first companion dog test with Amon and got to know the training steps of tracking, obedience and protection work. Later also the work in the THS and a little agility, which the dog obviously had more fun with.

Amon was the impetus to get acquainted with the different training techniques of a dog. As early as the 1990s, the lecturer rejected the usual practice in dog training and decided on a positive structure of the exercises without stress.


This is also where the origin for their structure in the fetch with different objects lay, which later developed into the puppy structure for bottle and tube fetch and is still practiced today after more than 20 years.


Sonny from Windmühlenberg


Abbreviation: without

Several exhibition successes including World Champion
Family dog, successful stud dog at the DRC

The boxer "Sonny" was the family dog and protector of the family. He was still of the old breed and convinced with working dog qualities that were not trained for sport, but came out instinctively when the situation required it. His protective instinct continued into old age, he was generally friendly to everyone, but very alert when strangers entered the property or got too close to the children.

Also in the picture is the little wire-haired dachshund named "Jule", which the lecturer took for walks when she was a young girl and was allowed to take her home with her during the day. A cute little mouse who would do anything for treats and was fun for everyone.

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